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Short curriculum

Ana Maldonado is the Head of Data Strategy and Corporate Solutions at Qualogy where she translates clients needs and business questions into (R&D) solutions. Current interests include innovation, R&D, corporate strategy and data science. Previously she worked as a senior researcher and project owner & hunter at TNO, Solvay Laboratory of the Future and as a visitor researcher at the HCSC team at the University of Amsterdam where she collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to apply chemometrics, predictive modeling and rational design for molecular optimisation and discovery. She earned a BS and MS in Chemistry at the University Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela and a PhD degree in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Paris 7 in Paris, France. She then worked as a postdoc in a joint project between Rhodia and the University of Amsterdam applying predictive modeling and rational design in industrial chemistry. Her research interests included data analysis, chemometrics and predictive modelling. She is the architech of the MolDiA software, an XML-based high thoughtput screening tool for chemical databases.

My passions

  • My scientific passions focus on R&D, innovation, the many applications of Data Science, and the way it is transforming companies, goverments and our society.
  • My human passion is into building relationships and create conections to help companies and individuals to achieve their goals. Bringing creative energy, enthusiasm and motivation to my team.
  • I firmly believe in making the world a better place and in our power to do so. As consumers, parents, colleagues or friends, we have the power of our choices to make the difference.

About me


I see myself a curious and passionated person, with an optimist outlook and a particular love for technology, literature, yoga and sustainable lifestyle. Having lived and traveled over the world for the last 20 years, I believe in the feeling of 'world citizenship' and I do my best to be an example of tolerance, respect for our planet and passion for science.

My hobbies include swimming, traveling, reading, learning new stuff and more recently, Netflix binging.

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